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  1. Windsor Raceway

    I snuck a peak at the Windsor Raceway, which will eventually be demolished. I never went inside while it was operating, but I had to check out this gargantuan building.

  2. About Town

    This woman always gives me the best introduction when meeting new people so now I’m gunna give her one: This is one of my best friends and an extraordinary woman, Sarah Morris. She was one of the first people I met when I first started at CJAM, and hosted a…

  3. Forever Young

    My beautiful best friend Jess let me pose her in front of a ridiculous nail salon. #antilookbook#farewellfelicia

  4. Havana

  5. My Desk, 2010

    I still love the cluttered organized mess of my work prep Things to note: my first receipt of all my art supplies purchased in my first year,  an illustrated map of Windsor (origin or  creator unknown), Tom Lucier’s old business card (Doer/ I Do),  and business cards from different cities…

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