The Un-Schooling of Rosina Riccardo

The OFFICIAL UNSCHOOL is now in session. Please purchase your books for the upcoming classes, beginning NOW! Come learn something important with me.

Naomi Klein- No Logo (Mass Media and Consumerism 101)

Deborah Curtis- Touching from A Distance (Band Biographies 101)

Albert Camus- The Stranger (Introduction to Philosophy and Existentialism)

Doug Coupland- Extraordinary Canadians: Marshall McLuhan (A Class on Badass Canadians 202) 

Roxane Gay- Bad Feminist  (Introduction to Feminism [And Yes You’re A Feminist]) 

Broken City Lab- How to Forget the Border Completely (Border City Studies 101)

Stephen Lynn- From Belle Isle to 8 Mile (Border City Studies 102)

Jordan Ferguson- J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ (Detroit: The Mecca of Music)

Charlie LeDuff- Detroit (Border City Studies 103) 

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